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How to Apply?

Before you decide to apply for your kids, here is what you need to know before applying:

  • Application Form
  • ID photos in white
  • Parent’s ID card
  • Even if you’re hoping to send your child to a gifted and talented program, you should apply to Primary.

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    Storytelling Lesson Plan

    This collection of story-related activities, projects and games-developed by storyteller/author Heather Forest for her storytelling workshops.

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    Daily Routines in Classes

    Learning modalities are the sensory channels or pathways through which individuals give, receive info

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    Powerful Quote for Teacher

    The test of a good teacher is not how many questions he can ask his pupils that they will answer readily, but how many questions he inspires them

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    Essential Supports for Learning

    Education is the process of facilitating learning. Knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits of a group of people are transferred to other people.

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    Kindergarten Classroom Setup

    Education began in the earliest prehistory, as adults trained the young in the knowledge and skills deemed necessary in their society.

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    Learn Alphabet Songs

    Children not only learn to read more quickly when they first learn to write by hand, but they also remain better able to generate ideas and retain information.